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"It´s bloody hard work if you want to sound like a drummer"!

"Play music, not the drums!"
Welcome to my virtual “central station” for the various music I create. You will find music ranging from eccentric drumming to classical music scores. For me it is all about exploring music without any boundaries. I have always been interested in all kinds of music, and remain fascinated to this day. Although from the beginning, my greatest interest and passion is in drums and electronic sounds. I am a drummer, composer and sometimes an educator. Through the last two decades I have moved from playing Rock to Jazz to Classical and back - always searching for the style music I really want to play and compose.
I’m often asked if I have a musical philosophy. My short answer: "It´s bloody hard work"! My longer reply: "If it comes down to playing an instrument or playing music with a Band, Orchestra or Solo, it is about the unique transportation of everyone’s individual ideas and vision of music". No matter which instrument we play, to me it is about creating our own voice. After years of searching I can now say I have found my style, yet I am still hungry and reaching towards the territories of “NEW”.

My favorite place on earth.

Some examples of me discovering the world of drumming.


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